Gravitix Inflatable Jet Ski – Fun in the Sun

Whether we hit the pool, the lake or the beach, many of us head to the water during the summer months for a little r-and-r.  While boats and jet skis offer tons of enjoyment, they also come with a hefty price tag. The Inflatable Jet Ski SC-1, from Gravitix, may be just what the doctor ordered!  And it's not only a blast to use, it's fairly easy on the old pocketbook too.

Inflatable Jet SkiInflatable Jet Ski

The Inflatable Jet Ski is made out of high-grade PVC. The battery-powered, sit-down jet ski has variable speeds that are controlled with the throttle. The steering bar turns the inflatable water craft left and right.

Inflatable Jet SkiInflatable Jet Ski

There are several built-in safety features as well. The unit automatically shuts down when the throttle handle is released.  And in case of accidental puncture, the three air chambers prevent the Jet Ski from sinking. The propeller is enclosed in a high grade plastic house and the craft has a waterproof circuit protection.

Inflatable Jet SkiInflatable Jet Ski

Set up is simple.  It takes about 10 or 15 minutes and no tools are needed. An automatic electric air inflator is included, so no huffing and puffing is needed for inflation. The ski takes about 3 hours to fully charge for 60 to 80 minutes of continuous use and weighs about 70 pounds.

Inflatable Jet SkiInflatable Jet Ski

Use it on the lake, in the ocean or pool.  The craft can travel up to 6 MPH and can hold around 300 pounds. The Jet Ski measures about 35 x 39 x 83 and retails for about $350. The recreational product comes with a handy carrying bag, AC charger, electric air pump, repair kit and rechargeable battery. The Gravitix Jet Ski SC-1  is recommended for children 15 and over.  Parental supervision is recommended for younger children.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: There are now many inflatable jet skis in the market.  You can see a quikc overview of some of the inflatable jet skis available here.

Source and Photos: Inflate Boat

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