Gravity Makes For Purity In Ovopur Water

Now here's a gadget I wouldn't mind having for my family... It's the Ovopur water purifier from Aquaovo, a Canadian company that specializes in natural purification of water. If you can overcome the initial cost, about $620, life and clean water would become a whole lot simpler.




The Ovopur takes tap water and uses gravity to remove its impurities. Gravity and a few layers of earth's natural filters. You just pour tap water into the top round vessel and the water travels through Ovopur's filter layers and spills into the perfectly oval storage receptacle ready to drink, to cook with, to make ice cubes, or to bottle!



  • Layer one at the top, KDF 55, is a powder made up of copper alloy and ultra pure zinc. It reduces oxidation, neutralizing the chlorine, lead, mercury, and other metals that may be in the water.
  • Activated carbon is the widest filter layer - layer two. As water passes through it, the carbon absorbs pollutants that are nonpolar, like mineral oils and pharmaceutical residues.
  • Layer three contains bioceramic pellets, terra cotta baked at extremely high temperatures providing radiant heat. This layer removes even more organic residues and softens the water.
  • The lowest level of the filter is quartz crytal, included as a conductor and energy amplifier.

(More specific information on the filter is contained in the Ovopur brochure.)

Aquaovo made the Ovopur with materials that are all sustainable, reusable or recyclable. Not only that, but they are the best materials to perform their functions. The porcelain vessels, for example, perform two functions: keeping the water cool and helping to keep the water moving in the oval vessel so it does not stagnate and collect bacteria.

You might be filtering water once a day or every other day, depending on your usage. You can filter four liters at a time -- that's the container size of the top vessel -- but the lower vessel of the Ovopur holds 11 liters. The filter lasts 4 months and Aquaovo will put you on an automatic schedule to receive a new one and send your used one back for a rebate. Filter containers will be cleaned and refilled by Aquaovo.

In the Ovopur brochure, there is a chart showing how quickly its cost will be amortized, comparing its cost to the cost of a modest amount of bottled water per year. Interesting... Impressive...


Aquaovo via Trendhunter