Promising Gray Hair Cure On The Horizon

I have a lot of gray hair, not that you would ever know it. I’m pretty obsessive about dying those pesky, sparkly strands and in between colorings I’m constantly touching up roots with a touch-up stick. It’s a decent system, but a lot of work. However, I’m not willing to rock the gray at this point, but I’d gladly trade my current hair coloring routine for a gray hair cure. As it happens, such a treatment may be right around the corner.

Gray hair occurs when hydrogen peroxide builds up in the roots of follicles, bleaching out the color from the strands. In a recent report published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, a group of European researchers believes they’ve found a cure to this process.

The treatment which involves applying a pseudocatalase cream and then exposing the area to UV light, has already been used successfully in vitiligo patients to help them regain skin and eyelash pigmentation. The belief is that a similar treatment for gray hair will have comparable results.

No word yet on how long it will be before a product like this would be available to the general public or how much such a treatment would cost. I guess for now those of us with unwanted grays will just have to keep our fingers crossed.  


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Kim Patterson
Innovative Health, Beauty and Kid's Products