Gray-Dar Helps Screen Out The Men That Dye Their Hair

Interested in seeing a revolutionary invention to help in selecting dates?

Our Guest Blogger, Scott "scottdammit" Duran, is a writer/graphic artist/visionary/inventor and a world-class exaggerator. He suggests you look for him on bookshelves soon. He had a new invention he wanted to share with the readers of

Here's his article:

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Ladies, Want to Find the Men ‘Dying' To Meet You?

You see them everywhere you go, maybe even take a second glance, and never realize their deception. While a bad toupee stands out like a flare in the open sea of desperation, a slick ‘Dye Job' can be undetectable.

Until now.

There is finally a device which lets you know instantly that ‘just because there's a snow-job on the roof, doesn't mean there ain't a liar in the furnace below!'

To counter the unchecked scientific advances in the field of Synthetic Hair Coloration, inventor Willard "Whitey" Temple has finally unveiled his ultimate creation, the Gray-Dar®! Here is an example of an anonymous man waiting at a Santa Monica Starbucks for a Grande Half-Calf Dulce De Leche, and what he looks like before and after Gray-Dar® VisionTM...


Studies have shown that Silver Fox population is growing exponentially in metropolitan areas, their numbers concentrated mostly in moist and dimly lit areas such as off-campus bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, and in a disturbing trend, your apartment's pool area.

Mr. Temple worked by hand, meticulously crafting the environmentally friendly Gray-Dar® (as shown below)...

Although there have been no reports of similar problems with the ‘Urban Cougar,’ the Gray-Dar® is selling briskly to males, ages 18-25.
Here is a breakdown of the Gray-Dar®’s ergonomic and eco-friendly design:

A) Antenna for Powerless Remote Control- Runs mostly on hope.
B) Solar Panels- Removable; can be used as tanning mirror. Very eco-friendly. Gotta love the Sun: multitasking 24/7!
C) Mini Deep Dish Receiver- Doubles normal input levels of Low-end sonar waves and cuts trans-fats found in cheese by half.
D) Water Pump- Recycles nervous perspiration and uses it to run the hydraulic system. It also converts it to a misting system during the summer months.
E) The ‘K’ Lens- The most powerful one in use. Makes using ‘A-J’ lenses just seem silly.
F) Battery/MP3 Player- Solar powered battery. 178 GB of Dido.
G) Ejector Bar- For quick removal of headgear in event of electrical fire and/or Paul Newman sighting.

The Gray-Dar® has an optional small, detachable BS detector/ brush-alyzer unit combo that clips onto your belt generator unit* Everything runs off the solar panels, making this product Mother Nature’s friend with benefits!

The Gray-Dar® gives you the advance warning you need…to flee at the first sign of snow!

Scott Dammit
Guest Blogger

*This model currently out of stock in many parts of the Los Angeles area.

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Jul 26, 2007
by makeworldbetter
makeworldbetter's picture

you must be kidding me

You call this blog?

Jul 27, 2007
by ka6_jeram (not verified)

Kind of weird

It's kind of weird to wear something like that.

Jul 27, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

"You call this blog?"

You call that comment?

Jul 27, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


start with yourself and try welcoming Scott, Dammit!!!!!

Jul 27, 2007
by makeworldbetter
makeworldbetter's picture

This world will be better if we stop misleading

use some judgement and stop spread misleading

Jul 27, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The World Would Be Better

Is that supposed to be sarcasm?

Jul 27, 2007
by Anonymous Bill Clittle (not verified)

Why Risk Revealing it Here?

You should have waited for the next season of A.I. (presuming there is one) so that you undoubtedly could have become a finalist.   If it isn't too late, try to get a copy of that "Love Test" song for the MP3 Player and add a side hook for attaching a bottlesling.  At least make a prototype for a Pubic Gray-Dar with built-in lice detector and Penis Extender.   Just make sure to keep Gray-Dar under 500 pounds so that  the user can hang it on a Claw when not in use.

Jul 28, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Gray-Dar is REVOLUTIONARY for women!

Gray-Dar is revolutionary for women in our crazy world of deception and insincerity, especially in terms of dating.

 Now with Gray-Dar, I can be sure that the next man I meet is 100% natural, which is better for me and for the  environment, which benefits us all... in the end.

Jul 28, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

It also expands the market

for the headliner.

Jul 28, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The World Would Be Better

with more sarcasm and less SARS

Aug 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

very cool scotty keep it

very cool scotty keep it up!!! dougie d. from the city of P.