Great Big Stuff: It’s Stuff You Already Own, But Much Bigger!

I’d say that the chances that you’d ever need a tennis ball with a one foot diameter, a five foot tall toothbrush or a gigantic polymer pickle are pretty slim, but hey- Why not, right?

Great Big Stuff’s backlog of oversized golf balls and a rainbow of immense crayons in absolutely wacky, but each item would definitely fit the bill as a hilarious gag gift or a thoughtful piece of decor for someone who’s totally into a certain hobby. Is your friend a movie nut? Get them a pair of just-shy-if-two-feet long movie tickets. Do you have a designer in the family? Surprise them with a set of large drafting tools that they can actually use. See? It’s perfectly practical and goofy at the same time!


What I like best about these massive novelties is that that add a tasteful tough of levity to a room, while filling out a sizable chunk of the room’s negative space. There is the inherent beauty of Great Big Stuff: it’s pop art for everyone and anyone to easily install in their homes for a personal touch of museum grade classiness. Not only that, but can you imagine owning a “desktop lamp” that stands over four feet tall next to your workspace? That’s just good ‘ol fun!


While all of these strange pieces in the Great Big Stuff catalog brought a smile to my face, I’m definitely digging the four and one-third foot tall crayons, computer key inspired plush seats and the three foot long lemon. There’s something (titanic) for everyone, so be sure to check out their vast lineup of impressively colossal things below and at the Great Big Stuff website as well. It’s not like you could resist that supersized bottle of Hershey’s Syrup anyway!

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