Great Butt Service: Subtle Butt

Great service has been done to mankind by a company called "Garment Guard " that has been selling thin disposable cotton underarm inserts. These inserts stick to clothing and absorb perspiration to prevent an embarrassing wet mark. Great for protecting clothing from sweat stains and damage. Not to mention HUGE savings on laundry bills.

What this company has now come up with may sound hilarious, but the buzz doing the rounds is that ‘IT WORKS!'

"Subtle Butt " is a piece of fabric that has undergone activated carbon anti-microbial treatment. When inserted into underwear, these small pieces promise to absorb and neutralize gas and odors before they escape from your clothing and, well, escape into the surroundings. Result? Your intestinal distress is only for you to know. Smaller than a panty liner, ‘Subtle Butt' works best when placed strategically.

Here's what the company says, " From the brilliant minds at Garment Guard comes our newest product, Subtle Butt. This pack of 5 saving graces effectively filters the odor caused by flatulence; Simply stick it in the right place and you're ready for a chili cook-off.

Each 3.25″ square filter is made of soft fabric with an antimicrobial treatment, on the side touching the skin. The fabric is impregnated with activated carbon, which faces the underwear or the pants and has a vast surface area for bad odors to adhere to and get neutralized. Two adhesive strips are strategically placed so you know which side is which. And at around 1/32″ thick, you will never know it's there."

You may want to watch the video here.

I haven't tried these out yet, but if they work as well as advertised, then, these people should be UP THERE, in the Inventors Hall of Fame.

Available in a five pack, they retail for $9.95 per pack...