Great Green Things Ting Can Do With Old Seat Belts

Do you ever wonder what happens to old belts and seat belts? Where do they end up when no longer needed? Most likely they end up in the dump, unless someone does something about it and finds a new and beautiful way to reuse old worn belts. Ting did. Ting has made a whole line of products out of old belts and other recycled material.

What is Ting? Ting is a small company, established in the year 2000 by designer Inghua Ting. The company produces products crafted using salvaged materials (ex. leather belts and seatbelts, silk ties, etc) yet somehow still maintains "high standards of quality". All Ting products are produced by hand in Europe and the UK. Packaging is also kept to a minimum.


Vintage Belt Floor Mat













This Vintage Belt Floor Mat is exactly what it sounds like. It is a floor mat made of old worn belts and is handmade at TING studios in the UK using water-based glue. Each Vintage Belt Floor Mat is one-of-a-kind as are many of the Ting products. The price? I'll let you link to that answer here .


Seatbelt Hammock













I find the Ting hammock, also known as the Ting Sling, to be the most fascinating of the Ting products. Like the Cushions and the Cubes, the Slings are also woven in various colors from reclaimed seat belts, giving the hammock a clean and smooth look. The Ting Sling appears, via product pictures, to be extremely comfortable, durable and sturdy, more so than the old fashion rope hammocks commonly used today. Ting recommends a maximum safe weight of 264 lbs.


Seatbelt Bags and More









Last but not least, Tings carries a line of bags available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. The cosmetic bags are stitched horizontally to create a unique look. Many of the bags are made with a combination of recycled belts, men ties and more.

Isn't it amazing how something that once slung around your chest and waist to buckle you into safety can now be slung across your shoulder to protect your valuables, walked upon while accessioning your beautiful home or relaxed upon while swinging in the breeze? What do you think? Is Ting your kind of thing?

To read more about Inghua Ting and her company visit the Ting website here .

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Nov 2, 2008
by Anonymous

Love the hammock--- it ( and

Love the hammock--- it ( and a link to you) is going to my outdoor deco blog!