Great Green Valentine Day Gifts For The Tacky and Mushy

The following environmentally friendly Valentine gift ideas are the kind of gifts that your loved one will not be too excited about when he/she gets them, but will be kept in a shoe box in the top shelf of the closet for years to come as proof that you cared enough to give something this tacky and mushy. It's absolutely my favorite type of gift. A lot of time, love and  thought (about you and the environment) goes into it.


 1. Recycled Heart Frame



This lovely picture heart frame is made from all sorts of recycled stuff: buttons, beads, metal hardware, etc. The hanging frame measures 9"x10" on the outside and the inside of the frame measures 4"x5". It is sold out at Etsy but maybe it will inspire you to make one yourself.


2. Huggable Heart



For this eco-heart Ellen "used a felted sweater, old men's shirt, vintage fabric and a worn-out baby dress" for the fabric. "The buttons are extras from clothing, and the filling is from an old pillow." Each Monday she will be posting a new v-day recycled craft idea so keep a look out for her blog.



3. Love Much Heart Pillow



This cute heart pillow, made by Jenn T from Lenox, MA is made out of old pillow shams. If you would like to make one yourself, read her how-to description at Thrifty Fun. From her description it seems pretty easy to make.


4. Gift Card Heart Bracelet



Is it a gift card? Is it a bracelet? Actually it is both. It is a bracelet made from repurposed gift cards and sold by Jupita at Etsy. "It measures 7 inches at smallest adjust point (can be shortened, just convo), up to 9 inches (If you need longer, add it in the notes to seller at check out!)". Take a look at the rest of her collection at Etsy. If you get one, remember don't get them wet.


5. Recycled Glass Hearts



This wall décor with a hook from Paloma Pottery is handmade using recycled glass and pottery. It measures about 4" and can hold about 2 pounds. If you wish you can order the hearts in different colors. Just to let you know, right now they are on sale.


6. Green Heart Pendant at GreenHeart


What better place to find a "green" heart than at GreenHeart? GreenHeart is Chicago's premier eco-fair trade non-profit shop, carrying both fair trade and eco friendly products. Okay, sure this multi-wire heart necklace is too pretty for a shoebox, but I liked it so much I just had to put it on the list and I don't even like jewelry.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the list. May it help or atleast inspire you and may you and the one you love enjoy a happy, healthy and environmentally friendly Valentines Day everyday. Happy Valentines Day!