Great Invention Idea? Fork Timer

Are you a fast eater? Are you done with what’s on your plate before anyone else even starts eating? Don’t worry; there is a simple solution for you.

It’s called the Fork Timer (Patent Number 5421089). Being smart with your eating habits involves being smart with your selection of cutlery. The Fork Timer keeps track of time in between each bite teaching you, but of course not forcing you to eat at a slower pace.

The way it works involves a whole bunch of circuitry similar to that of a watch in the head of the fork. You would take a bite and start the time. When the time runs out it gives a signal that lets you know that you are ready to take another bite.

I myself am a fast eater and there is no way only a timer would help me resist shoving that next bite into my mouth. Maybe if the fork gave an electric shock if a bite was taken before the allotted time was cleared. That would be something I could use. Although I would probably throw it away the first time it shocked me.

What if you are eating something that doesn’t involve a fork, i.e. my child hood favorites, a sandwich, a bagel, a pizza, a hot dog, multiple hot dogs, French fries, and last but definitely not least, a taco? Maybe you can just keep the fork on the side and just wait for your cue to take another bite.

I guess it works in theory.

Andrew Portela
Guest Blogger

Our Guest Blogger, Andrew Portela, is a seasoned freelance writer and an avid gadget enthusiast.

Jul 8, 2008
by Anonymous

kindly present the design of

kindly present the design of the fork timer