Great Student Designs: 3 Fantastic Chair Designs By Rahul Shirbhate

Rahul Shirbhate has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, but his creative energy is being poured into his design work.  While now in a Master's program in design at IIT Guwahati, India, his early works predict a successful career in furniture design.  In a period where so much design is imitative, Shirbhate's imagination is unbound, fresh, and spirited.  Here are three of his exciting chair designs.


Leela Chair For Children, Rahul Shirbhate, designer

The Leela Chairs are so cute, they even look like pets.  Very playful, they are clearly made to withstand a child's klutzy bumping and shoving, as they can be flipped and still behave as a chair.  No sharp angles on the chair, the Leela's are as considerate as they can be.


 Leela Chairs for children by Rahul Shirbhate: ©Rahul ShirbhateLeela Chairs for children by Rahul Shirbhate: ©Rahul Shirbhate



SARAL Waiting Room Chairs, Rahul Shirbhate, designer 

Line and color are the striking features of the Saral Chairs. They are intended to be transitional chairs, waiting room chairs as opposed to rest chairs. And how  Nevertheless, the chair back is made to hit your lower back to keep your posture in line while you're waiting.  They do make office seating delightful.


SARAL Chairs, designed by Rahul Shirbhate: ©Rahul ShirbhateSARAL Chairs, designed by Rahul Shirbhate: ©Rahul Shirbhate



Curlsit Home Chairs, Rahul Shirbhate, designer

 An architectural support gives sturdiness both physically and visually to this playful coil-like chair.  Very inviting in a modern living or play room.


Curlsit Chair, designed by Rahul ShirbhateCurlsit Chair, designed by Rahul Shirbhate


I'm crazy for Shirbhate's designs and am hoping to see a lot more of his work.  See other designs by Shirbhate at Coroflot.


Rahul Shirbhate (Coroflot) via Design Flute