Great Summer Products - Hotspotmama recommendations

sunwristmeter.jpg Ahhh, the lazy days of summer. I am so excited that summer is almost here. My boys are asking me everyday when we can go to the pool. I love summer because you’re not on a strict schedule. Of course, I wonder how I’m going to get my postings done in the summer but it’ll work out. Everything always does. Anyway, let me tell you about a few interesting products I’ve come across that will make summer a little easier and safer. BTW - I try not to pick the products that you see in the big baby stores (unless they are new) because, frankly, you see them when you go to the big baby stores. You don’t need to see them here too.

Warmbelly Wetsuit

I came across this product last fall when my oldest was taking swimming lessons. The warmbelly wetsuit is a wetsuit for kids. My son would be sitting on the side of the pool shivering waiting for his turn as he waited for the other kids to finish their swim lap. The company giving swim lessons were selling the warmbelly wetsuits. They are comfortable adjustable Neoprene wetsuits that are specially designed in 5 sizes for ages 6 months to 12 years old. Since they are adjustable, each size can be worn for years as the child grows. They come in seven different colors. Everyone whose kid was wearing one, swore by it. You can buy it at You may be thinking that its kind of weird to bring up a wet suit for kids in the summer, but we live in the Northeast. The ocean water doesn’t warm up in certain areas until August.


Body Glove Infant Carrier


I wish this came out a couple of years ago. My two boys are one and a half years apart so this would have come in so handy during my younger sons first two summers. The Body Glove infant Carrier warms like a wet suit. Keep baby close and warm in the pool! Our ingenious Neoprene carrier actually helps keep baby's body temperature warm. Comfy and quick drying, with padded, easy-to-adjust straps. Wear as a front or side carrier. (Its insulating properties are ideal for winter adventures, too!). For babies 4 months and up, up to 25 lbs. Choose Black or Blue. It costs $49.95. If you want to buy it, go to One Step Ahead


Sun Smarties Hooded Cover Up

Instant after-swim protection: our roomy UPF 50+ cover-up! Nicely oversized, so your child can slip it on easily after a swim (before the sun locates tender, wet skin!). 100% cotton. Machine wash. I can vouch for this one. Both my boys have them and they LOVE them. It is so hard to find a cover up for boys (there are tons out there for girls but not with sun protection). Only problem is that it only goes up to size 4T. My big guy probably won’t fit into his this summer. The cost is $14.95 (add $5.00 if you want it personalized). If you want to buy it go to One Step Ahead


Sun Check Personal Wrist-Meter we need sunscreen today? Our personal UV meter is a must for sunny days! Hold it up to the sun for 20 seconds, and it measures the strength of UV rays. It even tells you how quickly skin will burn unprotected and what level sunscreen to use. Assorted colors, let us choose. Flip open can and point face towards the sun, sensor will change color to indicate UV intensity level. UV intensity levels range from: LOW, MED, & HIGH. The intensity level will tell you how longit will take to get a burn and will tell you what level SPF to use to prevent burning. It costs $3.95. If you want it, go to One Step Ahead