"Green Green Army" Animal Soldiers Are Ready To Fight World War Zoo

Remember those plastic green army men you played with as a child? Takara Tomy has reinvented these classic toys with a neat twist: the eight soldiers in the upcoming Green Green Army series are animals, ranging from bazooka-toting gorillas to giant tortoise radio operators.

Dubbed the “Green Green Army”, the animal soldiers (and their specialties) include a Polar Bear (foot soldier), Amur Leopard (stealth gas attack), Rhim Gazelle (machine gunner), Mountain Gorilla (bazooka), Malayan Tapir (commander & reconnaissance), Galapagos Giant Tortoise (radio communications), Red Wolf (knife), and Red Panda (foot soldier).

These neat-o army animals feature a wealth of detailing down to buttons, belts and the impression of fur. As with other designs in Takara Tomy T-Arts radical Panda's Hole collection, the army animals will be available through Japan's extensive network of coin-operated gachapon toy vending machines.

We use the term “toy” lightly – as per the T-Arts product page, the Green Green Army figurines are for ages over 15 years.

A possible added bonus are ten retro-styled posters for all eight animals plus two series themes, though it's not clear if the Omura Yuhei-designed posters will be included in their respective gachapon capsules. One can only hope.