Green Biking: Flow Scooter

The chopper scooter--a heartening story of love triumphant over war. In this case, the sides were clearly drawn: grizzled, tattoo-covered, all-American bikers taking on meek, cerebral eco-geeks. It seemed that the latter didn't have a chance against the attitude, muscle, weaponry and sheer will of the former, but then with the glimmer of an eye and the twist of a moustache the duel turned into a veritable orgy of technological advancement.

Nine excrutiating months later, came the Flow Scooter, a vessel that merges the exaggerated styling of the toughest of hogs with the efficiency and eco-factor of a scooter. Like other bastard children spawned from regrettable, hot-but-fleeting affairs, I don't see either parent taking too kindly to their most unnatural creation. Scooter drivers seem far too passive to drive something this flamboyant down the streets and I don't think hardened bikers would be caught dead on a scooter, let alone a stand-up, electric one.

Perhaps, there's a parent out there that can't quite muster the mechanical skill to build a hybridized vehicle of his own who would like to adopt this wildly outlandish design. To him I say: Good luck steering, my friend. 

Just a concept, the Flow Scooter was designed by Dana Ben Nissan.

Via Yanko Design