Green Calling: Sharp Introduces Solar Powered, Waterproof Mobile Phones

Waterproof solar powered mobile phones from Sharp come in any color you want... as long as it's green.

Japanese consumers have long clamored for an environmentally friendly, waterproof (or at least water resistant) mobile phone. Reports of overheating phone batteries have sparked safety worries and simply surviving Japan's hot, humid rainy season is tough - especially for portable electronic devices. Such phones exist but not in especially great numbers - until now.

Check out this English-subtitled video from DigInfo News to learn more about Sharp's waterproof, solar powered mobile phone:

The Solar Phone is made by Sharp and is available from KDDI as model number SH002. The same phones are being offered by Softbank under the name Solar Hybrid Phone, and they carry the model number 936SH. Either way, Japan's mobile communicators suddenly have a lot more options when it comes to safe, secure, reliable talking & texting whether or not the weather cooperates.

The phones incorporate an internal battery charged by an integrated solar panel on the back of the phone. Users can talk for 1 minute after being solar-charged for 10 minutes, or 2 minutes after a 30-minute charge. The same 30-minute charge allows the phone to remain on in stand-by mode for 140 minutes.

Sharp states that these new phones were originally intended to be "sports phones" but that the target market was expanded to cover the under-40 set and people who enjoyed outdoor recreation but who wanted to remain in touch with friends, family and co-workers. (via Japan Style, images via Kirainet)