The Green Dollhouse - Environmentally Friendly And Charmingly Polished

Plan Toys "The Green Dollhouse" offers kids not only a well-made play place, but a way to learn about the basics of environmental stewardship.

We're really not on a quest to find every wooden toy in the world, but we seem to keep stumbling across one great tree-based product after another. Our latest find is "The Green Dollhouse" from Plan Toys that features all of the fun things kids love about a dollhouse with two great extras: 1) it's wooden and 2) it's designed to show how an environmentally-friendly family might live.

Not only does the dollhouse come with a solar cell, wind turbine, rain collection barrel and electric inverter but such little touches as recycling bins for the kitchen and retractable shades for heating and cooling. In addition, the whole house is assembled using recycled and natural rubber wood and dyed using vegetable and soy dyes to keep the entire process itself earth-friendly.

According to reviews on Amazon the house is very well constructed but is better suited to those children that are willing to be gentle with their toys rather than smacking them around. There are no "loose ends" or parts that don't fit together properly but the open on all sides concept means that the toy is not as sturdy as some others.

It's also not a cheap toy - $180 at Amazon currently, but its eco-features and quality make it one that many home environments would do well to have around.

Source: Plan Toys 

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