Green Golf Ball Improves Your Stroke, Strains Your Vision

TourStage, the marketing arm of Bridgestone Sports, is a highly regarded provider of top-end golf clubs, balls and accessories.

Their website features a prominent photo of Japan's top female golfer, Ai Miyazato, one of the world's top women's golfers. These guys are serious... so what's with the green golf balls?

The "Super Lime" balls are the latest release in TourStage's V10 series. Other V10 colors are White, Pearl White, Super Blue, Super Yellow, Super Orange and the Super Pink V10-CL.

The V10 series features what TourStage calls "Web Dimples" and a high-gloss finish that provides improved spin and aerodynamic performance. In other words, the ball flies farther - finding it after it lands is the real challenge. 

According to Japan Today, "TourStage says green may help particularly meditative golfers fine-tune their game." Oh really? I'm guessing that playing with green golf balls on a green golf course will turn particularly meditative golfers into stark, raving lunatics. Maybe TourStage thinks tinting them green will help sell more golf balls; you're certain to lose a bunch of them over 18 holes, not to mention your mind.

TourStage's V10 Super Lime golf balls sell for 700 yen ($7.60) each or 8,400 yen ($91.30) per dozen. Get some... for someone you hate.