Green Technology is the Future

In the midst of one of the worst economic periods the United States has ever seen and the increasing need for renewable energy sources, green technology will lead the way toward an environmental revolution. Throughout history it has been entrepreneurs and inventors that have pulled economies out of the gutter, not government bailouts or higher taxes. As the future innovators of the world, it is our responsibility to make sure our planet is taken care of, not taken advantage of.

Some people say: "Going green is just a trend, another way for businesses to make a quick buck."

But I disagree, I think we are seeing the start of an environmental movement; future decades will likely see big changes in the way people think about the environment, as well as what we are doing to preserve it. Once eco-friendly business becomes a standard, consumers will develop expectations for future businesses. In the last few decades we, as the human race, have not taken proper care of our environment. Why? - Because it hasn't been convenient. But if 1 innovator can prove that dedication to the environment can pay off, more will follow. It's a self perpetuating cycle that, as a grassroots movement, has the power to change people's perspective in a positive light. In simple terms, if people aren't spending money on products that are harmful to the environment, companies will follow suit.

Green Inventions

The 21st century has truly been a great time in technological evolution. We've seen an explosion of technology in the last decade, and it's only getting more advanced. As we are ushered into a new technological era, I'm curious as to what innovations the green movement has in store for us, and who will be the ones to re-invent the future?

Green Inventions is a wiki-based website aimed to bring all knowledge about renewable energy and energy saving to one place. It's a great resource for inventors and entrepreneurs alike, providing information and ideas about how new technology allows us to view our environmental situation.

Adam Grosser, general partner of Foundation Capital, describes green technology and the challenges faced by innovators in Green Tech 101 - Video thanks to VDNet:



It's inevitable that if we depend too heavily on only one resource, oil for example, it will eventually be exhausted. That's why I encourage all of my readers here at Inventor Spot to keep sustainability in mind. Without sustainability we're only continuing down a path leading nowhere. What kind of green technology would you like to see?

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(UPDATE: is no longer available on the web.)