Great Green Ads - Best Environmental Ad Campaigns

It appears that some of the most creative and inventive advertising is coming from nonprofits these days.

This week,I've been taking a look at the nonprofits and "for a good cause" marketing techniques. Earlier this week, we looked at the Anti-Smoking Campaigns. Today, we turn to the the advertising campaigns being used to Help Save Our Environment:

From the Live Earth event, to Al Gore and global warming, to major corporations claiming they are "Green," environmental ad campaigns seem to be everywhere. Here's my picks for some of the most interesting and entertaining of the green ads:

A. Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is one organization that covers much of the market with this messaging. On top of their aggressive print ads, such as these simple print ads:

They play off of other well-known ads, like this one playing off the popular polar bear ad campaign for Coca Cola. As you know, global warming has caused huge concerns about the future of the polar bear.

They also use alternative marketing methods to grab people's attention. This funny snow-globe reads: "Winter. You will miss it when it's gone."

Or this toilet paper ad, done for Greenpeace, by an agency in China.

B. World Wildlife Fund.

Also in China, the World Wildlife Fund attached this to vehicles around town.

The following two eye-catching print ads are also from the World Wildlife Fund anti pollution campaign.


C. CO2

Similar to the anti-pollution guerrilla marketing campaign above, this one is basically saying, carbon dioxide from car exhaust is destroying a balloon earth. Copy on the blown up balloon reads: "The World Can't Take Any More CO2." A bursting ballon earth surely grabbed attention.

D. Save the Rainforests.

Look at this print ad from the "save the rainforests" efforts.

The ad portrays the 1965 US Army versus the 2005 US Army to emphasize the world is not getting greener. "More proof the rainforests are disappearing. Help us preserve what's left of our rainforests."



E. Global Warming.

Even companies who are not in business to make a better, cleaner world are advertising for the "green" effort. This series of print ads is from a clothing line called Diesel. It highlights their new Spring 07 collection, while also focusing on the devastating effects and climate change that global warming can cause to planet earth. Who knew global warming was so fashionable?

F. Water Conservation

Atttention grabbing ads from Denver Water...

Well, do you like these ad campaigns? Which is your favorite? Did they may you smile and make you think? Will they affect the way you interact with the environment? Do you think they do a good a job with the environmental ad campaigns as the Anti-Smoking Campaigns I worte about?

Amy Gifford
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Aug 8, 2007
by Body Beauty

Use only what you need

I like use only what you need and the toilet roll one. I didn't get the clothing one though. 

Aug 12, 2007
by Eric (not verified)

The Diesel Clothing ads...

... make me want to say "Global Warming rocks!  And all the women need to eat a sandwich or something!"

Mar 14, 2008
by Anonymous

diesel ads

Its just to bad we can tell ourselves that we'll be wearing the most fashionable clothing when the world is ending and most of our friends are dead, guess only the ones caught in hand me downs will really suffer. Booooo diesel! BOooo media distortion!

May 10, 2008
by Anonymous

toliet paper!

The toliet paper one really rocks!! i think it's effective and too the point. use one more piece and kill a few more trees!

May 23, 2008
by Anonymous

use what you need:D

it's awesome!! I'm goin to use this for my project, don't worry, I'll cite my sources:)

Jul 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Neat, but...

I laughed and shook my head when I noticed there is a Hummer banner ad for the 2008 H3 on this page.

I really like the "use only what you need" ads though, very cool. I wish there were more of those around.

Sep 2, 2008
by Anonymous

Interesting subject

Hi there,

I'm a reporter at the National Post, based in Toronto, and I'm actually writing about this very subject. Amy, if you're up for a quick interview, feel free to get in touch:


Oct 12, 2008
by Anonymous

Use what u need

Yeah, I'm using it for my project to. Excellent stuff. (will cite : ))

Nov 20, 2008
by Anonymous


whoa thats SEXYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!