“Green” Low-Sulfur, Eco-Friendly Fireworks Could Be The Next Big Boom

Celebrations in China begin end with a bang thanks to the extravagant use of fireworks. Trouble is, excessive use of fireworks exacerbates the country's infamous air pollution and choking smog. Since trying to change China's traditional love of fireworks hasn't been successful, one fireworks manufacturer is trying to change their fireworks instead.

Enter Jinqiling, a Shanghai-based fireworks company that dominates the lucrative local fireworks wholesale market. As the company is the main source of fireworks for Shanghai retailers, they're perfectly positioned to play a pivotal role in changing China's fireworks-happy celebratory culture... and they're doing exactly that!

According to Shanghai Daily, Jinqiling has stated they will be introducing a new type of eco-friendly, low emission, “green” fireworks just in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year. The key to these fireworks being better for the environment lies in an adjusted formulation that sees less sulfur dioxide being emitted as a byproduct of the explosive sights and sounds. Sulfur dioxide can not only negatively affect human health, it also forms sulfuric acid in the atmosphere which falls as acid rain.

Jinqiling first tested their new low-emission fireworks in 2010 at the Shanghai World Expo and evidently the new formulation passed the oohs & ahhs test with flying colors. Now packaged and marketed for retail customers, the company expects sales of their “green” fireworks to comprise up to half of the wholesale market. At this rate, those watching fireworks shows in China will be able to breathe easier while taking in the breathtaking displays! (via Shanghaiist, Mithun On The Net, and EcoWaste Coalition)