Green Pedaling: visCycle Exercise Cycle Powers Your Life

You know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to exercise regularly? Sure, the goals of looking better and feeling healthier are great, but us humans work best on tangibles. And since you can't usually see yourself getting slimmer or feeling healthier after a mere week or two, it can be pretty daunting trying to stick with it.

Well, what's more tangible than dollars in your pocket? The visCycle exercise bike transforms otherwise-wasted energy from your cycling power into real, live power that's channeled into your home grid. Pedal hard and regularly enough, and you should start to see a little savings on your bill. Get your whole family in on the action and you'll be closer, healthier and less indebted to the local energy company. 

Now an electricity cycle sounds a little intimidating to set up, but the visCycle's PlugOutt technology is designed to plug and pedal. No messy installation involved.

According to Resource Fitness, the visCycle's parent company, an average 1/2-hour workout is enough to sustain about 50 to 150 Watts of electricity--or enough to charge 10 to 15 smartphones or five netbooks. They say that max is around 250 Watts. 

So now you have two tangible goals: work out regularly and keep pumping your own electricity and beat the sissies over at Resource Fitness that only got 100 Watts of electricity. Those goals should keep you exercising for a while. 

You can find the visCycle for $1200.  And if indoor cycling isn't your thing, it looks like the company is also planning on offering other energy-producing gym gear.

(UPDATE: Resource Fitness is no longer available.)

Resource Fitness via Coolest Gadgets