"Green" Slow Cooking Invention: Buy One, Give One Free


You've heard of the Wonder Bra?  Well, this is the wonder bag. Wonderbag, to be specific. It's a slow cooking bag, a new invention with old roots, one that is bringing tasty dishes and energy savings to us in the western world, while doing the same for poor, rural African communities.


Wonderbag in redWonderbag in red

Wonderbag in blueWonderbag in blue


The Wonderbag is a slow cooker that doesn't use electricity, oil, coal, or any other typical method of generating heat.  It uses insulation, one of the oldest, even primitive, methods of retaining heat. Sarah Collins, Wonderbag's inventor, remembered her grandmother wrapping towels and blankets around steaming pots to keep them cooking while saving expensive energy. The image came to Collins in the middle of the night, like so many brilliant ideas, when Collins was an aid worker in Johannesburg, South Africa.  "That's it!" Collins thought.  Her invention would help so many villagers survive when there was little access to affordable energy.... and that energy itself was such a pollutant.

The product, Collins' Wonderbag, is now selling all over the world, including, of course, Amazon.com. The slow cooker is amazingly simple: Prepare your dish, bring it to a boil on the stove in a short-handled pot, remove the pot from the stove and place it in the Wonderbag.  Depending on the ingredients, the Wonderbag will complete the cooking in one to 12 hours. Yes, it's slow, but you are saving money and energy!


Wonderbag - efficient, safe, and cleanWonderbag - efficient, safe, and clean


Don't worry.  The Wonderbag comes with instructions and a recipe book. 

A Wonderbag, available in in blue and red batik, is not only a great idea for your cuisine, saving energy, and helping to 'green' our environment, but for every Wonderbag you buy, a Wonderbag will be donated to a family in need in Africa. 


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