Green Your Lighting: PET Water Bottle Lamps

 In an astounding display of creativity, Malaysian designers Su Sim and Lisa Foo have repurposed PET water bottles into amazingly captivating lighting.


Plastic bottles are certainly a bane to the health of the planet, there's no doubt about it. But instead of jumping on the metal water bottle trend, this pair of designers embraced the throw-away plastic variety and have fashioned some rather amazing recycled lamps that appear to have come from the depths of the blue seas themselves.


For what was originally intended for a Malaysian festival entitled "Art for Grabs" in Kuala Lumpur, these two designers took on the task of collecting and saving the bottles on their own for this project. The results range from the very delicate dangling mobiles to the more hearty and compacted geometric experiments. All are totally unique and are an excellent example of industrious  "green" creativity.


Su Sim has a design blog where you can peruse her thoughts on DIY and design here.

Via Yanko Design and Inhabit