Greenasium: Green Fitness Studio Turns Human Power To Electricity

via The Greenasium on Facebookvia The Greenasium on FacebookA new 2,600 square foot gym is harnessing human power to power their gym as well as the grid. This smart eco-friendly people-healthy business, called Greenasium, wants to make positive difference on people as well as the environment. Can they do it?

Greenasium opened up on Wednesday the 1st of September and is located in Encinitas, California. As of now the gym has 3 spin bikes that harness the human power and converts it to AC power, which is then fed back into the grid. The human powered electricity is then used to power the gym and the excess power is used to help power the community.

Greenasium's mission is, "To operate an environmentally balanced and community based personal training fitness studio offering superior levels of personalized service through customized individual and group sessions aimed to foster positive experiences" (

In addition to the human powered, electricity generating cardio equipment, the gym also uses refurbished and reused equipment, contains low flow toilets, and uses recycled material in their flooring as well as throughout the gym. Once a month the gym holds a 90-minute beach cleanup event to help offset their carbon footprint. The beach cleanup for this month is set for September 25.

The 90-minute beach cleanup is only one of their outdoor Sessions & Programs. Greenasium also hosts neighborhood circuits, outdoor sessions at the park as well as participates in local events. One of the local event they will participate in this month is Oktoberfest.

For more information about Greenasium visit their blog at

Via: Harnessing the Power of Gym Rats | NBC San Diego

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