Greendix Integrates Solar Panels Into a Soccer Ball

image via Inhabitotsimage via Inhabitots

Greendix a Taiwan-based solar panel company has made the world's first solar powered soccer ball with some of their innovative custom shaped solar panels. The ball is designed to show off Greendix's ability to integrate its custom shaped solar panels into anything. The announcement of the integration just happens to coincide with the World Cup soccer craze.

The solar panels replace the black pentagon patches on the soccer ball. They are the same size and shape as these patches so the soccer ball still looks like a soccer ball. The solar cells take energy from the sun and power up built in motion-sensing and audio technology that provides a tracking sound each time the ball is kicked.

If the ball could also light up through solar power, the ball could be used to play in the dark. That is, if the solar panels on the soccer ball can withstand all the kicking. To see some of Greendix solar products, including the soccer ball in this YouTube video.

Via Inhabitots and Geeky Gadgets