Greener Gadget Design Competition 2009: My 5 Favorites

The is back again. Have you voted for your favorite green designs from the list of 50 finalists yet? I have. Take a look at my picks.



1. Compostall

Greener Gadget Design CompetitionGreener Gadget Design Competition


Compostall is my favorite green design concept. It makes cooking and clearing dishes before washing them a lot more convenient. It is what I, and I'm sure many other fellow composters, have been wishing for for years. How? Instead of have a garbage disposal under the sink we would have a Compostall. Our food scraps meant to go to the compost bin would go directly into the Compostall, mulched and then manually dumped into the compost bin outside. Its absolutely more discreet than countertop compost crock-pot. I did notice however that there is no mention of the need to keep away from putting meats, fats and dairies down the Compostall.


2.  E-Tree Book

Greener Gadget Design CompetitionGreener Gadget Design Competition


E-Tree Book is a lovely idea. The digital playbook teaches children principles and energy use. After reading chapters about energy they have the ability to make energy and charge up the book or "children can grow the on-screen (OLCD) tree attached to the book". I would definitely buy one of these for my kids. Sure there are probably simpler way to teach kids about energy, but this is so creative.



3. Fastrounauts

Greener Gadget Design CompetitionGreener Gadget Design Competition

Fastrounauts is a fantastic toy concept and the name of the toy is adorable. I agree something needs to be done about child obesity and this is a fun way to start it. My girls would love to put these on their scooters. How is this toy green though? Well first of the entire toy is powered by rechargeable batteries that are charged up by movement "play". Second the outer shell of the toy can be removed and recycled then redesigned.


4. Bware

Greener Gadget Design CompetitionGreener Gadget Design Competition

Bware Water Meter. "Bware is a small water meter device made for purpose of knowing how much water you use." It is made of recycled material and keeps track of how much water you use. I desperately need something like this in my house to prove to my husband how much water he uses. He won't believe me otherwise.


5. SunLight

Greener Gadget Design CompetitionGreener Gadget Design Competition

SunLight runs off solar energy. Unfold it to charge in the sun. Fold it back up and use it as a flashlight or charge up phones, ipods, and other devices. "Except for the batteries, all parts could be made of recyclable polymers." Folding it up to use as a flashlight is really interesting to me. I can see myself reading at night with it.

If you are interested in reading about the 45 other finalist visit the Greener Gadgets website. Don't forget to vote while you are there. The last day to vote is February 20th. Keep in mind the 20th is only a few days away. The ten finalists will compete live on stage on February 27th, 2009 at the Greener Gadgets Conference, in New York for a grand prize of $3000!

If you want to attend the conference Inhabitat is holding their very own contest. Register with their newsletter and you could win tickets to go.


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