GreenWeaver Graduation Gowns: Fashion That's As Big Of An Accomplishment As Graduation

There are so many graudation gowns worn beginning in the spring for college graduation and later on for high school ceremonies. They're neither fashionable, nor are they green in the environmental sense. It's really only possible to address one of these issues, and there's one cutting-edge company willing to do it!

Eco-Friendly Graduation GownsEco-Friendly Graduation Gowns

Oak Hall Cap and Gown has created a GreenWeaver line of gowns that really are an accomplishment, though only from an environmental perspective . The gowns are made of plastic water bottles with a total of 23 woven to make each one. This makes good use of the  waste, recycling the water bottles for good use. What Oak Hall Cap and Gown can't do is make the graduation gown fashionable; despite the unique materials, but the unfortunate design that educational institutions around the world appreciate is what's in demand.

GreenWeaver Graduation GownsGreenWeaver Graduation Gowns