Greepers: Stylish Shoelaces That Never Need To Be Tied!


Finally, there's an alternative to those old curly-cue shoelaces of the 80's that have yet to make their exit from the world of footwear, and while they might make you laugh, they truly are an innovation that can help those who struggle with dexterity.

Greepers ShoelacesGreepers Shoelaces

We all know someone who just never seems to tie their shoes up, either leaving the laces to float around loosey goosey, creating a tripping hazard everywhere they go, or shoving their feet into their shoes so that they end up breaking down the heels. While laziness might to some degree be a factor in the establishment of these unique Greepers shoelaces, they're proving to be a major innovation, helping seniors and individuals with special needs who struggle with finding the skills of dexterity required to tie a shoe.

Greepers are shoelaces that are permanently tied, and unlike those curly-cue shoelaces of the past, or Velcro, they have a look that appears as though the shoes were actually tied. The Greepers shoelaces started with just one simple design, and now come in many different colors so no one needs to sacrifice their sneaker style just because they don't want to tie their shoes.

While I commend this concept for the difference it could make in enabling the independence of seniors and those with special needs who struggle with shoe tying, those simply looking for a lazy shoe experience should get over it!


Nov 15, 2009
by Sparrow

I like these

With limited use of my left side (M.S.) i've stayed away from shoes with laces. These look like a way to overcome that problem. Thanks Inventerspot for bringing us these great products.Smile