The Answer to Gridlock in the Next Decade

So I was heading across Denver the other day and in the process I must have seen a dozen Smart for2's. So I started to think about how amusing traffic jams are going to look in the next 10 or 15 years. Assuming all of these concept cars make it into production.

Audi Snook Concept Car

Before you erupt into laughter, it should be duly noted that this concept took first place Michelin Challenge Design Award at the Detroit Autoshow this year. This example of a "personal mobility vehicle" uses a a set of gyrospheres to stabilize itself on a single contact point. It rides on a motorized ball that allows for some very precise and agile handling. It might also take some customers away from Segway.

Scion Sports Coupe Concept

The Sports coupe is a deign that you either love or hate. The stying is modern, yet simple for the most part. According to a press release, it combines "entertainment, digital technology, and versatility into one sinister looking package." The jury is still out on that one. I can't really say I understand the rear cargo area. It looks like it could be used for seating as well as hauling groceries, but why?

City Transport Cell Concept

The City Transport Cell by Volkswagen is among a growing number of person transportation devices. It is a plug-in vehicle intended solely for short-range urban use. It produces no emissions and can be easily repaired thanks to a "puzzle-piece" design. The interior is also customizable by using the same snap together design.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Concept

So just in case the tiny little pods aren't you style, Toyota designed a smaller SUV, more similar to the RAV4, that should be enough to keep you busy. According to Toyota spokespeople, it is only "Urban" in name. It has all the capabilities of a normal SUV, just smaller to give it more maneuverability in the "Urban Jungle."

Smart For2....Finally

The Smart For2 has been out and about for a while now, but for some reason we still love to talk about it. Originally designed for easy parking and affordability, the For2 has been under some heavy criticism over it's Crash Test Ratings. It just became available to the US this year as it finally passed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash tests.

Scion Hako Coupe Concept

The Hako Coupe Concept has been met with very little appreciation. Most people have written it off as a slightly modified Scion xB. Its boxy shape and unexciting lines didn't bode well with the judges either. According to the Scion Designers, their inspiration came straight from global youth-inspired trends. How well the study was conducted and where all they went it still open for debate.

Toyota Hi-TC Concept

An interesting concept from Toyota that can best be described as a Golf Cart they rear-ended a Nissan Frontier. It also uses plug-in Hybrid technology for power, which means no emissions and a short operating range. Power goes to all 4 wheels through 4 independent electric motors. The interior is roomy and simple and provides easy operation with little driver input.

Cadillac CTS

For when you really want to show up in style, the Cadillac CTS (shown above) or CTS Coupe are the way to go. They aren't really concepts anymore, but when it comes to cruising downtown, it's hard ot beat a Caddy. With over 300 horsepower going to all 4 wheels and still getting 26 highway miles per gallon, it doens't do all that bad from an environmental standpoint.

Of course there are many more that could also be included into this group. These are just the most intersting to imagine stuck in traffic.

From : AutoBlog , Jalopnik , AutoBlogGreen

Apr 30, 2008
by Anonymous

Why so ugly!?

Why is it concept cars for future transportation are always so ugly and block like. Surely they want people to be attracted to the future concept?

Maybe it's engineers playing designers rather than people with a focus on aesthetics :)

Lets be honest, who would be proud to have a Toyota Hi-TC Concept with a shape like that. Why not just shape it like a beer crate and be done with it.

If it's supposed to just be shocking... the shock is - "boy do you guys need to go in a different direction!"
Sexy - NOT

May 1, 2008
by eljefe512


I'm confused by this statement: "provides easy operation with little driver input." In my truck, I pick a gear, press the accelorator or brake, and steer. Is there less input than that?