Grilled Fish Pencil Case is Quite a Catch

Anyone who's ever tried to eat a split, butterflied and char-grilled fish – and you know who you are – can probably recall wishing the cursed sea critters were intelligently designed with a handy zipper running down their fishy white bellies.

Obviously the folks at Japan's Ito Manufacturing were wondering the same thing, because wonder of wonders, they've designed the Hokke Case exactly that way. Intelligent indeed.

What's “Hokke”, you ask? Try asking for it at your friendly neighborhood Japanese izakaya, a cozy bar/pub type of place identified by the red “akachochin” lantern (left) hanging outside.

You'll be brought a split, butterflied and char-grilled Atka Mackeral, quite tasty especially when accompanied by a cold, frosty glass of Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi or what have you.

A memorable experience to be sure, and Ito Manufacturing has made it all the more so by creating the Hokke Case. Accurate to a fault (you may be chased by cats), the case not only looks like a fresh-grilled Hokke on the outside, it unzips to expose an eerily accurate rendering of the inner surfaces. Kinda weird, unless accompanied by a cold, frosty glass of Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi or what have you. Beer: making the world less weird for generations!

Anyhow, the Hokke Case measures 7.5cm (3”) wide by 32cm (13”) long, making it ideal for carrying school stationery supplies such as pens, pencils & rulers, your favorite chopsticks, makeup supplies, your mobile phone or MP3 music player, assorted fishing lures, or all of the above.

Ito Manufacturing's images don't offer a close-up look at the zipper pull itself but odds are it's stamped YKK, the sign of quality in zippers and zipper accessories for generations.

You can find the Hokke Case at the Ito Manufacturing website priced at 2,480 yen or about $31... that's just over six fins. (via Spoon and Tamago and Nopuedocreer)

Aug 26, 2011
by Anonymous