Grip + Case For iPhone Is Tailored For The Athlete

Grip + Bike MountGrip + Bike Mount

Are you an athlete? Do you like working out to your favorite songs? The Grip + protective case for the iPhone 5 and 5s could be exactly what you need. This product was developed with the athlete in mind and comes with features for the sports enthusiast.

Grip +Grip +

Right now the Grip + is in the "funding" stage of its development, so you won't find it at your local sporting goods store. But when you do, you will find that it's incredibly convenient for the athlete. For starters, you can attach and detach it from its mount with one hand. It doesn't slide into the case like other iPhone protective cases, and it's a sleeker, less bulky design. 

Grip + ArmbandGrip + Armband

The Grip + also has several attachment options. The basic mount is universal, but from that mount, it can attach to an armband or bicycle mount. If you have both the armband and bike mount, switching the phone from either is a snap. You won't have to buy separate cases for your biking trips and runs. 

The sleek design is simple enough, yet it holds up to even the roughest bike rides. With the ability to attach and detach your phone with one hand makes it easier to bring your phone along. You can find out more about the Grip + on their Kickstarter site