G.R.I.P. Introduces New Hybrid Golf Clubs

The competition between golf equipment brands can be compared to high school cliques; not a single soul says anything, but hatred is floating in the air. Golf brands are constantly trying to outdo each other by creating the "ultimate piece of golf equipment". Some have failed, some have had success, and some, like Golf Research In Play (G.R.I.P.), are setting standards.

As one of the newest golf equipment companies, G.R.I.P. hopes to get a handle on things. With Father's Day around the corner, the company has launched a new line-up of hybrid golf clubs. The G.R.I.P. "Hot Steel" Hybrids are unique designs that will be targeted to golfers looking for the latest equipment at a cheaper price.

The line-up of clubs includes replacements for low-irons and mid-irons and is priced at around $69.95. The new clubs are said to combine the playing characteristics of the company's fairway metals and long irons to provide superior playability from anywhere on a golf course.

The new clubs are cast using the exact same heat-treated H2045 stainless hot steel that G.R.I.P. used when developing their fairway woods. The "hot steel" is lighter and stronger than most other metals that are used to make other hybrid clubs. Combined with their low center of gravity and high repulsion structure, these hybrid clubs allow a golfer to launch higher and longer shots in any condition or from any lie on a course.

The new hybrid clubs can also help those golfers who tend to slice the ball more than usual. With a sleek, teardrop-shaped head, the new clubs can enforce a square face at impact, helping a golfer control trajectory and direction. The club's wider face also provides a larger hitting area than most typical irons.

Finding a hybrid golf club at a reasonable price can be a difficult task. But with the help from G.R.I.P., purchasing such a dynamic piece of equipment can be easy. The club can also help improve your struggling game and maybe even give your dad some competition on Father's Day.

From WorldGolf.com and About.com.

Joshua Khan
Guest Blogger

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