The Grizzly Bear Bean Bag: The Teddy Bear Is All Grown Up

The bean bag chair was all the rage back in the 60s and 70s. They came in one basic shape -- round. They came in a limited range of colors. For many years nothing changed and the chairs fell out of popularity as more and more people realized how stupid they looked trying to get out of them. Now the bean bag chair met your childhood teddy bear and created something new for you to love.

 Grizzly Bear Bean BagGrizzly Bear Bean Bag

This is the coolest way to own a grizzly bear that won't tear you apart and snack on you. It can take the place of the bear love you miss from when you were a child. Better than a bear skin rug, he is large enough for a full-sized adult to sit on, lounge with, or just to cuddle. He can even be used as a great decorative accent -- or to scare the cat.

Grizzly Bear Bean Bag In ActionGrizzly Bear Bean Bag In Action

The graphics that give this darling sleeping bear its signature appearance are knitted instead of printed. This gives more depth to the look of the animal. This cover can be removed from the bean bag for washing to keep your bear nice and clean. After all you wouldn't want him to become unbearable.

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