Gro-egg Allows You To Monitor Nursery Temperature At A Glance


Lucky for new parents there has been a lot of progress made in the areas of crib safety and baby sleep safety in the last several years.  It is comforting to be armed with knowledge that can help keep your baby safe, but in some ways it adds some extra stress too.  There are so many details to keep track of it can get overwhelming very fast, especially when you are sleep deprived and can’t really concentrate.



One thing that health providers warn about is not letting the baby get too overheated.  Accomplishing this is often easier said than done.  You can keep the thermostat at a certain temperature, but as we all know every house has rooms that are warmer or cooler than others.  Fortunately, the Gro-egg can help you keep the nursery temperature at the right level and is meant to be quick and easy to read.



This small, egg-shaped room thermometer can be read at a glance.  It also functions as a night light of sorts.  There is a digital display to show the actual temperature, but additionally the egg glows in specific colors to show if the room is too hot (red), almost too hot (orange), too cold (blue), or the right level (yellow). 



If your baby is a light sleeper this device may be extra handy.  As long as you can see it from the door you can monitor if the room is within the right temperature range.  There is no need to actually enter the room and potentially disturb the baby.  You can purchase the Gro-egg here.

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