Grooveshark vs. Pandora: Personalized Internet Radio Showdown

Hopefully by now you've heard of the "Music Genome Project" known as Pandora, an experiment initially started by Billboard Magazine to take people's musical preferences and refine them down into a science for the purpose of suggesting new tracks or artists.  The site has easily become one of the most popular internet radio web apps out there, and now Grooveshark has come along to try and improve on the winning formula.

One important thing to remember when using Grooveshark is that it is NOT Pandora, but aims to provide the same (or better) type of service in terms of streaming free legal music online.  You do not need to create an account with Grooveshark, much like Pandora, although if you do, your preferences will be saved and loaded each time you login, which definitely enhances the accuracy of suggestions, as well as personalizes the whole experience.

The main differences between Grooveshark and Pandora are generally pretty small, but not altogether insignificant. Grooveshark allows you to customize the look of your player using various themes.  It also brings the default search results to a number of songs by the artist that you initially search for.  On Pandora, you're pretty much stuck with the look of the default player, and the stations you hear will generally only play a few songs by the artist you put in, mixed with a lot of other lesser known or related tracks.

As a huge music fans, I see each of these sites as being good for particular things.  While Grooveshark allows instant satisfaction when trying to listen to a particular artist or track, sometimes I will prefer the simplicity of Pandora, as well as it's uncanny ability to suggest new tracks that not only have I never heard before, but match my tastes to a tee. However, I'm sure you'll get some great use out of Grooveshark and all it has to offer.  Make your own comparison and dub your own victor in the comments!

Jan 14, 2010
by Anonymous

Grooveshark! Hands down...

I have been using both Grooveshark and Pandora for several years now. Back when I first discovered Grooveshark, the library was too small to really be of use and there was no "radio" option, though you could listen to exactly the song you wanted you when you wanted to hear it. Now Grooveshark gives you the best of both worlds. You can get the immediate satisfaction of listening to any song in the world at the moment you want to hear it, and now there is a Grooveshark Radio feature that works much better than Pandora because of the sheer volume of music now available on Grooveshark. This is a landslide victory for the big fish!

Jan 23, 2010
by Anonymous

You missed the most important feature

Shockingly, the majority of the world's population lives outside of the U.S., meaning we can't listen to pandora. So, if you happen to be part of the insignificant 6.3 billion people who aren't americans, grooveshark is the winner by default

May 1, 2010
by Anonymous


Grooveshark lets you replay a song as many times as you want, and there's no skip limit either. My vote's for grooveshark

May 13, 2010
by Anonymous

Grooveshark vs. Pandora

Grooveshark is good for playing individual tracks or for streaming a entire album but when I want to find new music I always use Pandora. Pandora's genome is incredibly more accurate than Grooveshark . And when you combine the two sites with the possibilities are endless.

Jun 28, 2010
by Anonymous


Unfortunately, that is of little concern to US citizens. If you really want use pandora though there are ways around the US only restriction... just look around a bit. I live in Canada and I am really not impressed by Pandora. Grooveshark is better imo.

Aug 13, 2010
by Anonymous


Grooveshark beats Pandora HANDS DOWN. The ability to choose and play at will is awesome.

Aug 16, 2010
by Anonymous


One feature grooveshark is it has songs that are hard to find anywhere else so it wins by a long shot

Oct 25, 2010
by Anonymous

creepy music

Does grooveshark play this creepy music for anyone else after it's been open for a while? first time I heard it I thought some jokester had put it on the song I was listening to, but it happened while a song was paused too. I don't see any message from grooveshark that might be related to it, maybe it's a reference to the "shark" in grooveshark.

Oct 25, 2010
by Anonymous

never mind

never mind, music comes from an ad, this wasn't even posted in the right place sorry guys

Nov 27, 2010
by Anonymous

Coming from the vastly

Coming from the vastly inferior minority from the globe that's not the US, I used Pandora extensively until it was shut down, and after a hiatus with landed at Grooveshark.

Groveshark has a really nice, clean interface, is user-friendly and easily manageable.

However, my vote is for Pandora all the way. Why? Because Grooveshark's mechanism for picking and suggesting music is so hugely inferior to Pandora's, it's not even fun.

Grooveshark seems to come from a strange place where everyone is a No Doubt and/or Matisyahu fan. Maybe that's what's the US is like? I don't know.

Somehow I lose my will to stick with a service when I've told it 300 times that me listening to QOTSA, Kyuss, Alabama Thunderpussy and The Clash does not make me a No Doubt fan.

I long and pray for the day Pandora goes global again.

Dec 14, 2010
by Anonymous

Unfortunately, I can't agree

Unfortunately, I can't agree with you. Pandora is good for some people, but for many others it doesn't in fact provide very much music we haven't heard.
My taste in music isn't really very obscure, yet Pandora struggles to provide me with music I haven't yet heard. If it does, it will play that same artist or two over and over.
However, Pandora is better at this than Grooveshark, but neither are really that amazing. For me, I want to be able to type in a song i want and get that exact song, not a song like it, and Grooveshark lets you do that. Downloadability is also a nice Grooveshark feature.
And don't forget the ability to choose the song from any list that you want to listen to, on the FREE version.

I could say so much more, but to be perfectly honest I have to write a paper right now. lol.

Dec 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Grooveshark VS Pandora

To be honest I didn't know Pandora existed until like five minutes ago!! So I searched Pandora only to come up with an apology from Pandora coz it's not working due to blah blah blah I didn't really have the patience to read the whole thing!!

Grooveshark wins hand down!!

Here's why

* it lets you listen to songs and make radio stations for FREE. And if you want to register that's FREE as well!!

* It looks like a REAL radio station

*It reccomends songs you may be interested in listening to.

* It's like a REAL radio station. The songs don't take forever to load. And as soon as the first song is finished the second starts (without you having to click on it) and so on.

*it lets you customise your own radio station. And make it your own (by choosing a theme) by my own personal experience they add new themes every month and so on.

You can become a VIP as well ( if you pay of course!)

Advantages of becoming a VIP

* You get to unlock new themes

* You don't get advertisements.

Personally it's not worth the pay. Except for the advertisements bit (the ads are annoying!) possibly the only con.

Anyway if you still don't get what I'm saying GROOVESHARK IS BETTER THAN PANDORA

Thanks and hope this helps you in making the best choice!

Now I'm going to go on grooveshark :)

Shriya K

Dec 18, 2010
by Anonymous


OMG! That WOULD be awesome!! Good thinking!! It would be Pansharkfm or Groovedorafm


Dec 18, 2010
by Anonymous

No comparison Pandora pays

No comparison Pandora pays royalties Grooveshark doesn't it's the new napster and will eventually go the same way.

Dec 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Due to the ads, Grooveshark wins but...

I still love Pandora for its simplicity and I have actually discovered many songs suited perfectly to my tastes from listening. Grooveshark is amazing and is the winner; but when Pandora is good, it's good all on its own.

Dec 29, 2010
by Anonymous

"training" your radio

I use both quite a lot. Pandora is superior in its ability to feed you new songs whereas Grooveshark tends to just give you songs based on the same band you already added to your playlist. Pandora learns your preferences a million times better than Grooveshark.

Grooveshark doesn't really do anything except SKIP when you frown (thumbs down) a song. You will continually get songs you don't like. Pandora removes them for a long period of time.

Grooveshark wins in the playlist category for sure. Build your own playlist, rewind, fast forward, skip, ect. Pandora just gives you a continual stream...for this main reason I use Grooveshark over Pandora.

Jan 26, 2011
by Anonymous

grooveshark - because we

grooveshark - because we aren't all Americans!!!!!

stupid Pandora ... it let me use it for a couple days and cut me off

Apr 11, 2011
by Anonymous


I agree with you. Although I hope the get the new lyrics feature going to add soon I hope and hope in the future they give us the option of having a add your own theme ability I believe they would rock the internet radio foundation If they did this besides the fact there already looking at getting a lyrics feature ability.

Tell me what think trying to get more people to voice word on that as I am trying to talk them into doing that. ??

Apr 11, 2011
by Anonymous


HI everybody names Jason. I would deeply appreciate it to who all will help me by voicing your word on this of what have been working with grooveshark to try to get achieved which If did would in fact rock the internet radio foundation probably take customers away from Pandora Jango and slacker Also making them the best of the best and doing what people dream about to see in internet radio which is have a add your own theme and or personalized theme option and from what I have been told by grooveshark they are already in the works of getting a lyrics feature added. I believe though If do that and have a add your own theme they would be dang near close to perfection internet radio wise.

I am only one voice and why need others. We not only need grooveshark to rock more seeing they already rock but also show pandora Jango and slacker what it is to truly rock and be awesome out of this world internet radio and get there customers to come groovesharks way showing all the other internet radio providers out there what it is to truly progress and be better and going all the way as well being for the people not shut out self inflicted in there own thoughts and feelings only doing what they want and grooveshark don't do that. Thanks much and hope all agree Peace:)

Dec 20, 2011
by Anonymous

Can't use Pandora because you're outside of the States?

Google "VPN" and your problems are solved (albeit for a minor cost).

Jan 7, 2012
by Anonymous

Grooveshark WIns

I like both services, but Pandora nerves me to no end with the "skip limit" and "listening cap". I like Grooveshark more because you have the option of listening to just one artist using albums playlists, etc. as well as the option to turn Radio on and off. Plus, Grooveshark doesn't make you sit through ads after listening to "x" number of ads.

May 3, 2012
by Anonymous


Grooveshark is like a dominant player in the Free Online Radio Station industry. Great Service provider..