Ground-Level Recycling: Bike Seats

The bike seat (technically saddle) is notorious for being one of the most uncomfortable things that your ass will ever touch. In fact, outside of a red-hot branding iron, horse's hoof and a number of public toilets, the bike seat is probably THE most uncomfortable thing your cheeks will ever be in contact with.

But what if there were a different type of bike seat? What if we were talking a seat made out of bike parts rather than a seat on a bike?

Well, it still looks pretty uncomrtable. But intriguing nonetheless--like semi-functional art. These Chain Rockers by BRC Designs take old, discarded bike tires and chains and create an entirely new type of bike seat. While sitting on greasy metal chains looks anything but comfortable, the rocker aspect certainly has more potential than that thin hunk of foam that you sit on during your daily bike commute. The frame is made out of bike tires reinforced with steel--98 percent recycled steel, that is.

If you're a cyclist with some extra money for an artsy chair that you'll probably never sit on, these are right up your alley. 

Via: Trend Hunter