GroundLink, A Car Service App That Circumnavigates The Globe

While car service apps like Uber and Flinc seem to be populating our mobile devices in rapid number, GroundLink appears to be the only one that has global coverage around the clock - allowing geek cred to 'virtually' replace the old school street cred of hailing a cab.

Daniel LeonDaniel LeonIn interviewing Daniel Leon, VP Strategy & Business Development today - fresh off his visit to SXSW in Austin - he indicates one of the big differences between his app and others is that GroundLink "executes on the ride - not only aggregates - and that is huge." He literally drives home the point that their 24/7 customer support provides passengers with the confidence that GroundLink will deliver in short order, at a reasonable fare.

In this YouTube videok, CEO Alex Mashinksky further describes the value-added features and benefits that Groundlink provides its customers.

Comparing the app's service to a taxi ride from JFK International Airport to midtown Manhattan, the GroundLink fare is a comparable $65 including taxes and tips -and in most cases - the wait is only 10 minutes, 20 minutes in rush hour.  And important to note, that the detail of each fare is identified at time of booking, not after the ride is completed.

Riders can schedule and reserve pick-ups by phone, email, Web and mobile, and GroundLink currently partners with JetBlue Airways, Continental Airlines, Royal Caribbean International and Kayak - which according to Leon is "testimony to (their) global reach and technological advantage," over the competition. The app was so popular at SXSW this year, Leon noted "that #GroundLink was the second most tweeted hashtag" at this year's event.

For those that downloaded the free app at SXSW, attendees were give a special $10 fare for all rides.

The app's monetization model is based on 15-30 percent revenue-share of each fare, and last year the company brought drove home $25 million in annual revenues.

In building a global brand, Leon reinforces the importance of "reliable" transportation that customers can depend on. "We not only provide a car service option, it is also about making sure the car gets there on time, and that the customer makes it to the destination satisfied," say Leon. By accomplishing those goals, it assists GroundLink in building their "global brand," he adds.

While taxi cab companies are obviously at odds with car services that cut into to their business, you can't beat the fact that hailing a car "virtually" from the confines of an office, home or baggage claim area versus out on streets, particularly during inclement weather - is preferable. In this space, instant geek cred is definitely taking the placing of street cred!