GroupMe: Beta Application Makes iPhone Conferencing Easy!

In today's world of remote working, there's a new app that feels like the perfect solution to stay in touch with co-workers all over the place. With my own team located worldwide, I know how hard it is to stay connected and catch people at the same time, but there is a great way for iPhone users to do it now!


So let me be honest; as a Blackberry user, this new app isn't going to help me in the slightest; but iPhone users in the same boat are sure to appreciate the GroupMe application that's currently in beta.It allows individuals to create groups of people for easy communication. It's possible to send a message out to everyone in the group at once or page them to drop in for a conference call. Easy but effective idea to reduce the amount of time you need to spend getting ahold of anyone you need to for business!

Via: Springwise