Groupon's Food Fail is a T-shirt Seller's Epic Win

Popular deal-of-the-day website Groupon suffered a major embarrassment in Japan over the New Year holiday when one of their Japanese subcontractors delivered a pitifully poor packaged meal that looked nothing like the deliciously advertised spread – and that's an understatement.

Foil-wrapped cheese, a piddly 14 beans... you get the picture (below). Not exactly the kind of thing you'd want to serve to critical bosses or finicky in-laws. Or your cat, for that matter.  The phenomenal food fail exploded across Japan's old and new media venues but, like so many trendy topics in Japan, soon faded from the in-box of pop culture... or so Groupon may have hoped.

SmallDesign, an online purveyor of clothing and accessories, has been quick to capitalize on new but fleeting Japanese pop culture trends in the past. That tradition continues with the “Lean Osechi” t-shirt, available in a full range of sizes. The 100% cotton t-shirts display a color silk-screened photo of Groupon's phenomenal food fail in all its non-glory.

SmallDesign is selling the t-shirts for 3,900 yen (about $45.90) each, with an extra 1,000 yen ($11.75) added for each XXL size. Hey, being trendy ain't cheap, y'know! (via YouPouch and Japan Probe)