Grow Your Own Food Indoors With Ecofarm


There are quite a few "indoor gardening" products on the market, but very few that make use of aquaponics. Aquaponics combines aquaculture (raising fish and the like) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in the water) in symbiotic environment. Ecofarm is one of those products.

Basically, with an aquaponic system, you have a fish bowl with plants on top. Normally, excretions from fish in a tank can accumulate and increase toxicity. With an aquaponic system, water from the aquaculture is fed to the hydroponic system, where those excretions are broken down by bacteria into nitrates and nitrites, which are used by the plants as nutrients. Then the water gets recirculated to the aquaculture. 

Aquaponics TechniqueAquaponics Technique

Urban farming has become popular, and it is a great way for people, who wouldn't normally have access to "fresh off the vine" food, to grow their own. With the Ecofarm, you can not only grow your own organic food, but you'll have a self-cleaning fish tank as well.

Ecofarm is ideal for growing herbs, like basil and thyme. You can also grow tomatoes, strawberries or other fruits and veggies. I'd just stay away from watermelon, cantaloupe and any other larger fruit or veggie, especially the ones that vine. 

Ecofarm KitEcofarm Kit

The Ecofarm kit includes one Ecofarm unit, with grow bed and fish tank, a pack of hydro stones, a water start kit, a low energy pump for the tank, plant seeds and an instruction manual. The Ecofarm unit is triangular in shape, which makes it great for corners, and it is made of plastic, instead of glass, which makes it lightweight. 

You can't get an Ecofarm just yet. The designers, Ecobird, just ran a Kickstarter campaign, and so they're not looking to start production until February. In March, Kickstarter backers get their gifts, and after that, you may see the Ecofarm on the market. 

Source: Ecofarm Kickstarter