Grow Your Own Beer

Brewing your own beer has been a really hot hobby for quite a few years. While this often makes commercial brands seem a bit anemic, real beer connoisseurs are in heaven. So what comes next for that Grow Your Own Beer Kit from DuneCraftGrow Your Own Beer Kit from DuneCraftbeer brewer with OCD? Well, getting out and growing your own ingredients for the beer of course. DuneCraft makes it easy for the neophyte gardener with the Grow Your Own Beer Garden kit to help you grow the plants in a terrarium.

The kit comes with a plastic-domed terrarium pot, growing medium, seeds for barley, hops, and wheat, and plant stakes to help you remember where you planted what. It also comes with the complete instructions on how to grow AND how to transform what you grow into your own potent potable.

There is no telling how much beer you will be able to make, but this planting is supposed to give several harvests. The manufacturer guarantees that the seeds will sprout quickly and easily. 

Strangely, Amazon claims that this terrarium kit is appropriate for kids aged 4 and up. I'm thinking that going on to making their own brew probably isn't such a great idea, but DuneCraft also makes Princess terrariums and Carnivorous Plant terrariums that would be great for the little ones..

The one side effect of using the Grow Your Own Beer Garden kit may be the desire to dig up the entire back yard to grow wheat, hops, and barley. Should this occur, just tell people you are preparing for the end of civilization by making sure there will always be beer.

For more information or to order, click here. Stay well-hydrated!

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