G.Skill Announces 4000 MT/s Trident Z DDR4 Memory Modules

Intel's latest Core i7 processors, codenamed Skylake, have just hit the market, bringing, among other things, support for faster DDR4 memory. Taiwanese vendor G.Skill is quick to respond, announcing its new Trident Z and Ripjaws V DDR4 memory kits, capable of more than just maxing out Skylake's memory controller (rated at 2133 MT/s).



The Trident Z DIMMs are G.Skill's new flagships. Using "hand-screened" Samsung memory chips and XMP 2.0 support, these modules are capable of speeds of 2800 through to 4000 MT/s with 19-25-25-45 timings. The firm "validated" those speeds on an ASRock Z170-chipset motherboard, and brushed-aluminum heatspreaders help keep the modules cool.



G.Skill also announced its somewhat cost-reduced Ripjaws V kits. While these also use cherry-picked Samsung chips and XMP 2.0, G.Skill only rates them good for speeds of up to 3733 MT/s with 17-19-19-39 timings. The heatspreaders are also different, with five different colors available for those building color-coordinated PC setups.

The voltages range from 1.2-1.35 volts for the Ripjaws V, while the Trident Z series go up to 1.4 volts to accommodate their 4000 MT/s niche. Both kits will be available in total capacities from 8GB (two modules) to 64GB (four modules).

G.Skill has yet to put out pricing or availability info.