Necklace Calls You Automatically So You Can Avoid Awkward Situations

Awkward situations are well, awkward. And as much as we'd like to envision turning and running away at full speed when faced with one (that can't just be mine), dealing with these things in the real world requires more tact. But there's no rule that says you have to do the mature thing and tackle awkward head on, not when a new accessory gives you the perfect out.

The Guardian Angel necklace modernizes an old trick for this situations that are just too awkward to stand.  You might be out on a first date, and the conversation makes you think he has his deceased mother stuffed in his basement (Norman Bates style). Or you're at the grocery store in your pajamas (you know, that one time ever) and just happened to run into an old high school nemesis or co-worker. You need a reason to escape, and you know that urgently checking out the apple juice on aisle 3 just isn't going to cut it.


At one time, at least for the date situation, the old trick used was to have a friend call you with a fake emergency to give you an out should you discover you're out with someone that has severe momma issues. But that strategy has its flaws because that phone call is never going to come when you need it to. And, those unexpected circumstances, like grocery store run-ins can't be planned for which means facing the awkward, which would be unfortunate.

Except that it isn't, because someone realized that a solution was needed and created the Guardian Angel Necklace. It looks like a pretty bauble, but in fact, it can be programmed to call your cell phone every time it is pressed. If a necklace isn't your style, then the device can also be converted into a bracelet. 

While it's more fun to say that the device is simply designed to deal with the awkward situations in life, in reality it was darker circumstances that truly inspired the design of the Guardian Angel. And it is definitely an innovative safety solution!

 Via: ABC