Guerilla Drive Ins: Producing The Pop-Up Movie Business

Pop-up businesses of all sorts are the latest trend, since businesses are able to pick up their services and move locations anytime their spot is no longer hot. The latest business type on our radar? The pop-up guerilla drive in.

Drive Ins hold a special place in my heart, having worked in one throughout my teenage years, but at least in Canada, they are few and far between because overtime they just don't have the same appeal to keep the business afloat. The pop-up drive in concept on the other hand is immune to this dilemma, because when business is no longer booming, they can pick up and go; never being forced to close shop.

MobMov (short for Mobile Movies) is the creator of the pop-up drive in concept and has franchise opportunities available. Their brand of mobile drive ins couldn't be simpler; they provide the drive ins that drive in. Projectors are mounted to MobMov cars, and the movie is projected on to any bare surface, generally a concrete wall in an uninhabited warehouse or building.  They can be contracted to provide their services for short-term events, or through invitation, can settle down at a location that is open to the public; but the bonus for these business owners is that when cars are no longer lining up to see their movies; they can get the heck outta there!

What's next to come in the pop-up business trend?