Guests On The Way? Time To Inflate The Living Room!

Bubble Inflatables has an innovative, fun and fairly inexpensive furniture solution for anyone who doesn’t want to spring for a traditional ottoman, sofa and cozy chair. Just add air!


Not only are these blowup furnishings colorful, durable and stylish, but they are a fresh new look at modern design and how innovative thinking can be applied to something as overlooked as the seat you are using right now. Their Bubble Chairs, Couches and Ottomans are easy to pump up with the help of a manual or electric pump, and have the potential to “work” in a variety of situations. Think about it: A children’s play room, a cool fixture for someone’s first home, a collapsible and amusing guest chair. Those ideas just came off the top of my head, but I’m sure that if anyone can think of the perfect place to place Bubble furniture, it’s my readers!


But just consider what Bubble Inflatables really did for a second. They reimagined something that everyone uses with inflatable PVC and vibrant retro colors that is intended to be used and reused in a multitude of situations. That, my readers, is how real innovation becomes a reality! The real question might just be “What other common items could be improved as an inflatable?”

Enjoy the gallery, folks! Share your ballooning brainstorms in the comments below!

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