Guitar Affair: Connecting Musicians With Beautiful Instruments

Many men and women dream of one night stands, where they can play sweet music all night long without having to share their hard-earned money for years of time together. Guitar Affair knows that sometimes you just need to get your hands on something beautiful, without the commitment and arranges for their clients to have access to some of the top guitars out there.

Aspiring musicians or musical hobbyists may fantasize upon getting their hands on some of the best guitars that typically appear onstage with only the most famous of performers. The guitar rental company has a wide selection of costly guitars, and lends them out in a style that's kind of like the Netflix of instrument distribution. Musicians can select the guitars they'd like to borrow and select the dates they'd like to have them, and they are shipped to their homes and returned at the end of the rental duration.

Guitar Affair charges a $50 one time membership fee as well as a rental fee for each instrument. With this business, musicians no longer need to make a commitment to one instrument; instead they can play with a new guitar every day!