Gulf Tech Oil Spill Expo

Gulf Tech Expo - Oil Spill Technology and Recovery Show will be held at the Arthur R Outlaw convention center in Mobile, Alabama, August 13-15, 2010.

Inventors and companies with oil spill cleanup inventions and technology are invited to compete for the $25,000 first prize, and to potentially receive contracts to sell or license their technologies to BP Oil Company or other companies and agencies that need more technologies for oil spill recovery.

I plan to present a workshop at this conference on Friday evening, Aug. 13, about how to transfer your patent or invention rights to such companies. Activity is happening so swiftly in this field that less emphasis is placed on patents, and more emphasis is focused on the technology itself.

Although inventors should always potentially include the filing of a patent application to help protect their invention, since it may take up to five years to receive an issued patent, the inventor must fly blind to start when it comes to selling their technology. This presents its own challenges, the subject of which will be outlined at the conference workshop on Friday evening.

BP has received over 142,000 invention submissions from inventors since the Gulf oil spill. BP formed a special committee to review these technologies, narrowing it down so far to 200, eight of which have already been bought by BP.

But, BP is not the only purchaser. There are dozens more interested companies, most of whom will be at this conference with a check book waiting to pay the right inventors. It's short notice, but if you have something that will help, plan to be there, even as an attendee, if not an exhibitor. I will be there for one day only, Friday, Aug. 13, to help such inventors who show up.

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Ron Docie, Sr.
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Ron Docie, Sr. is President of Docie Marketing and Docie Development. He is the author of The Inventor's Bible, How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas, and has successfully commercialized new products and technology for himself and his inventor clients for over three decades.

Aug 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Other Apps

This Expo could go into these venues:


Space shuttle disasters alone
Home Solar kits
Hybrid cars.
Defense from Nuclear weapons
Green Business.

Then id expand more jobs etc.

Oil Co should have done this years ago IE CA oil spill, 1969.

Or Exxon Valdez, Alaska, 1989.

Very doable.

Apply to other Industries alone.

Aug 17, 2010
by Anonymous


This conference was canceled, and will be part of a larger oil industry conference in fall.