Gulliver's Plate Dish is One Big Lovin' Spoonful

Yo dawg, I herd you like spoons, so Japan's Village Vanguard made a plate like a spoon so you can spoon your eats from a spoon-shaped plate!

The so-called “Gulliver's Plate Dish” from Japan's Village Vanguard is, in a nutshell, a flat-bottomed giant ceramic spoon but don't worry, no nuts were used in the spoon/plate's manufacturing process.

The design apes the classic teardrop shape of a Chinese porcelain soup spoon down to the hole at the end of the handle used to hang the spoon on a hook or to tie a loop of flexible material with which to... you guessed it: hang it on a hook. Nothing says users can't hang their Gulliver's Plate Dishes from hooks either but considering the plates are ceramic the hook had best be a hefty one.

The Gulliver's Plate Dish measures 235mm by 135mm by 105mm, which works out to 9.4” by 5.4” by 4.2” just in case someone's looking for a very, VERY large soup bowl to match up – an antique porcelain bathtub would work quite nicely, assuming you REALLY love soup.

Village Vanguard is offering the Gulliver's Plate Dish at their online store for just 1,260 yen (about $15.75) each, and there's no sign of complementary Gulliver's Forks in case you're considering compiling a complete oversized table setting.

Oct 3, 2012
by Anonymous

Not new from Japan

This is not unusual, though it may be new TO Japan. I've seen dishes like this used often in higher-end American and European restaurants. It's used for baked dishes, especially individual servings of baked ziti or the like. The handle and loop is used to remove it from the oven - either grab the handle with an oven mitt, and then you don't get the thumb of the mitt into the food - or with a tool like a trowel, with a hook on the end, that goes into the loop, and lifts the dish out of the oven without risk of burning your hand.