G.U.M. Play from Sunstar Turns Toothbrushes Into Interactive Smart Devices

G.U.M. Play from Japan's Sunstar Inc lets users listen to news and play games while they brush their teeth. The thimble-shaped gadget snaps onto the end of your toothbrush, instantly adding smart device functionality to your smart oral hygiene routine. 

Just Add Toothpaste

“Brushing our teeth isn't something we look forward to doing every day,” explains a Sunstar spokesperson, “but with this device the whole experience can become enjoyable.” Kids who often have to be reminded repeatedly to brush their teeth (and for more than 10 seconds at that) are gonna eat this up, especially the game-playing component!

“The toothbrush acts much like a joystick”

G.U.M. Play features built-in motion sensors that trigger a range of musical sounds that change their pitch as the user brushes. Those more adept at multi-tasking can play smartphone games while they brush; in effect the toothbrush acts much like a joystick.

(all images via Sunstar Inc)

Bluetooth Meets White Tooth

Connectability is king these days and Sunstar's G.U.M. Play was designed with that in mind. In fact, Sunstar went ahead and worked up a handful, er, mouthful of smartphone applications for the device to access wirelessly through the wonders of bluetooth technology. Gotta be at the gym in 26 minutes? No problemo – catch up on the day's top news stories while you polish those pearly whites!

Last but not least,  G.U.M. Play can monitor your teeth-brushing habits and if needed, dole out some friendly advice on whether you're applying too much or to little pressure while you brush. Now if only Sunstar can work the same magic for flossing.