‘Gundog’ Now Open For Beta Testing


It’s a bizarre, almost brazen concept, but “Gundog” has a lot of heart – and a lot of dogs.

The idea is simple: “Gundog” is a third-person shooter, featuring (you guessed it) K-9s. Published by OGPlanet and developed by Innoceed, “Gundog” uses newly recruited pups and strays into a World War II-esque era that’s in need of heroes.

As the Animal World War rages on, choose a side and join the fight between the Union and the Empire. Battle it out across a variety of game modes and maps from war-torn villages and train yards to army bunkers. Play as a Rifleman, Medic, Sniper, and more - and switch classes easily. Collect hundreds of unique Gundogs with game-changing skills, which are all rendered in a distinct cell-shaded-meets-comic-book art style.

A screenshot from "Gundog."A screenshot from "Gundog."


Additionally, the game blends tactical, team-based, shooting mechanics with collectable card game elements (cards that give you unique Gundogs and skills), in a fun and strategic third-person shooter.

Rarely do gamers ever get an opportunity to participate in the creative development of a new game. With the “Gundog” Beta, you’ll get a chance to play the game before it’s officially available, and offer your suggestions to make it even better.

For additional information on “Gundog,” including in-game events, contests, and giveaways, visit the official "Gundog" site and "Like" the official “Gundog” Facebook Page if you're impressed with the game.

Still not convinced? You can watch the trailer here.