Guo Pei’s Winter Shoe Collection: Sky-High Architectural Footwear

There's such thing as suffering for fashion, and there are shoes that truly do fall into that category, some really taking that concept to the extreme.

Architectural ShoesArchitectural Shoes

In Guo Pei's Winter 2010 shoe collection there are pieces of footwear that truly are works of art, but might be better on display than actually on feet. They're a combination wedge/platform with a geometric design that makes them architectural. They're great to look at, and innovative in their design, but walking in them just might be too difficult a task to accomplish.

Guo Pei Shoes Winter 2010Guo Pei Shoes Winter 2010

Via: TrenddelaCreme

Nov 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Need these SHoes

Where can I buy these

Dec 8, 2011
by Anonymous

Guo Pie Heels

i want to know the prices on these shoes!!!!